CAL Consult: dynamic, solution focused and industry-experienced

For over 20 years now the software specialist CAL Consult GmbH has been the global software development centre for modern logistics software for logistic service providers. 

Our software products support the complete supply chain – general cargo, full loads or warehousing. Thus we provide the perfect solution for our customers stock-management and transportation of the goods.

We enable our 165 employees to deliver top performance through creative ideas in consulting, development, quality management and service.

Our locations

From our locations in Nuremberg and Ede (Netherlands) we are looking after our customers all over Europe.



  • 90 members of staff
  • CALtms – Transport Management
  • CALcom - Mobile Management
  • CALnet - eLogistics Portal



  • 75 members of staff
  • CALwms - Warehouse Management
  • CALreport - Graphical Report Manager
  • CALora - Backup & Data Recovery

Partner of the industry – for over 20 years


  • Founding of CAL Consult GmbH in Versmold, Northrhine-Westfalia/Germany
  • Opening of the branch location in Nuremberg
  • Takeover of CAL Consult B.V. located in Ede, Netherlands
  • Members of staff in 1995: 30
  • Development of the products for transport & warehousing logistics
  • Launching of CALtms, CALwms
  • Launching of eLogistics Portal
  • Launching of Verwerterlösung
  • Launching of CALarchive
  • Members of staff in 2000: 70




  • Development of complementary products for telematics & archiving
  • Development of CALwms-Scan
  • Development of co-packing module
  • Connecting conveyors and high bay racking systems
  • Launching of mobile applications
  • Launching of CALtacho
  • Members of staff in 2005: 110
  • Development of mobile & Internet-based services
  • Development of CALwms-Voice
  • Launching of Carrier-App
  • Launching FTL Software
  • Launching of CALnet eLogistics Portal 2.0
  • Members of staff in 2015: 130



A look behind the scenes

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