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The CALtacho software is directly available from our online shop as stand-alone version or as a complete soft-and hardware solution. Here you can also obtain update extensions for your current CALtacho software as well as further useful information about your application.

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Digital tachograph from CAL Consult: modular, user-friendly and incorruptible

With CALtacho we offer you a comprehensive soft- and hardware package for the administration of your digital tachograph data.

The most important functions:

  • Creation of activities protocols
  • Display of driving- and rest periods
  • Reading of the driver card and the data from the digital tachograph

The individual modules consist of data entry, data archiving and the data visualisation. Activities protocols or analyses concerning the driving- and rest periods can be displayed so that possible violations by the drivers are detected at any time.

In addition, the driver cards and digital control devices due for archiving may be called-up via a calendar function. These and all other functions have a uniform and easily handled user interface.

Tailor-made benefits – for drivers, small contractors and hauliers

  • implementation of the legal requirements for the archiving and analysis of the driver card
  • independent archiving and analysis of the driver card at the Windows PC
  • analysis of the deployed vehicles for each driver card
  • analysis by driver card and by vehicle

Further functions

  • Deadline administration

    Deadline administration
    Driver cards, vehicles, contractor card, calibration

  • Long-term archive

    Long-term archive
    Archiving of driver data

  • Export

    File export using the standard EU-format (.ddd) for official checks, export function for Excel, Word and PDF

  • Analyses

    Daily, weekly and monthly analyses for drivers, driver cautions (tabular & graphics-based)

  • Office 2019 Style

    Office 2019 Style
    User-friendly presentation of the software

  • Violations

    Display of the violations of driving- and rest periods

List of CALtacho features

Unlimited number of drivers
Unlimited number of vehicles
Reading driver data of the 1st & 2nd generation (Annex 1B & 1C)
Reading vehicle data of the 1st & 2nd generation (Annex 1B & 1C)
Driver's license check
Activities analysis
Violation analysis
Driver cautions (tabular & graphical)
Daily, weekly and monthly evaluations for drivers
Visualisation of the fortnightly and the monthly working hours
Cumulated steering times visualization with geo-positions
Visualization of the location on an external map
Site profile visualization on basis of automatic position determination by GNSS
Time zone selection and display of times in the selected time zone (Winter time and Central European Summer Time)
Commenting of activities
Shift time analysis
Speed profiles
Administer deadlines: Driver card
Administer deadlines: Vehicles
Administer deadlines: Company card
Administer deadlines: Calibration
Administer deadlines: Driving license / check
Administer deadlines: ADR certification
Output of the processing status and currently processed files progress
Overview: vehicles deployed and kilometers driven
Listing: cities of trip-start and trip-end
Driver archive view
Vehicle archive view
Long-term archive
Automatic backup directory for dual data archiving
Data provision for checks
Documentation of checks carried out
Creation of EU-certificates in accordance with (EG) 561/2006
File export in the standard EU-format (.ddd) for public authorities
Export function in Excel, Word and PDF
Office 2019 Style
Free-of-charge update for one year
Night work evaluation - surcharges
Depart control
Entry of manual, recurring appointments
Backup function
Automatic import from external sources (Telematics, DLT, etc.)
Available in the following languages:
• German
• English
• Dutch
• Bulgarian
• Turkish
• Slovenian
• Polish